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Antenna Magus 2018.2 has been released!

Antenna Magus 2018.2 has been released!

Antenna Magus 2018.2 released


This update includes three new devices as well as various new features and improvements such as the addition of dielectric material inserts and an automotive group in the Specification Chooser.

The new antennas are:

  • Microstrip Rotman Lens
  • Dualband Coaxial Horn Antenna
  • Printed Folded Quadrifilar Helix Antenna (PFQHA)


That brings the total number of antennas in our library to 333.

More information about this release is available in this newsletter.

Customers can download release version 2018.2 from the CST website. You will need your support account login details to access this page.


Click to download release version 2018.2

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