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In the course of the technological progress being made in our globalized world, the topic of EMC is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, it is indispensable for EMC service providers and manufacturers of electronic devices and components, to keep their test laboratories up to date according to standard compliances and state-of-the-art technologies.

The demands on modern EMC testing centers that have to fulfill different requirements on both practical and normative bases are likewise growing. Especially for operators in the service sector this poses a challenge, as they need norm-compliant test labs which have to be future-proof, efficient and applicable for a broad range of EMC tests.

Unfortunately, complex but necessary modifications of test scenarios from immunity to emission testing are coming along with the different testing standards. These will lead to a time-consuming problem and achieving an efficient capacity utilization of the test labs might become almost impossible. A further problem is posed by the reproduction of a certain test scenario and its test set-up, which have to be exactly the same as before to be able to compare measurements.

For this reason, operators of EMC testing labs are facing the problem of finding an anechoic chamber which combines both simple handling and norm compliance for a broad range of products whilst having optimized efficiency at lowest costs.

To counteract these factors and ease the search for a complete solution, the German company Frankonia has developed an innovative EMC chamber, which not only impresses through its space-saving design, but also provides benefits with its flexibility, norm compatibility and efficient usability.

In this semi-anechoic chamber, different tests can be performed on three different test axes with up to 10,0m test distance and a quiet zone of ø3,0m, without the test set-ups of the several immunity and emission tests influencing each other. Due to antennas for each test axis and integrated parking positions for the floor absorbers, the chamber does not need to be heavily modified for every test. Quite the contrary: thanks to the defined movement from parking into testing-position, reproduction of the test scenarios is very easy.

Thus the saved time not only represents a benefit for EMC service providers but also for electronic industries, research and development institutes and for all those who see efficiency and flexibility of EMC test labs at the latest standards as a crucial tool.

Frankonia’s SAC-10 Plus Triton.
Built of excellence.

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