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NEW! DOW3000 – Compact DOW test system

NEW! DOW3000 – Compact DOW test system


Electronic measuring equipment in energy distribution networks

Electronic measurement and control equipment in the energy distribution network can be susceptible to environmental disturbances. The latest development from EMC PARTNER AG is a high voltage test system for damped oscillatory wave testing. DOW3000 is a configurable test system that can be extended for Slow Wave, Fast Wave, Impulse voltage test or any combination of all three. This provides optimum and cost efficient capabilities to a wide spectrum of users. This unique system includes an integrated 32A three phase coupler which enables both Slow and Fast DOW signals to be directly injected into the EUT. Additionally, DOW3000 is the first tester with integrated 0.5J impulse, required together with the DOW, for product standard testing. A modern user interface provides an easy to follow menu structure. Graphic and contextual help functions make operation simple and efficient.

  • Slow & Fast Waves (100kHz up to 30 MHz)
  • Phase angle synchronization
  • Integrated CDN up to 690 / 32A
  • Magnetic field testing
  • Includes 0.5J / 500 Ohm impluse

You can follow the link to review the new DOW3000 in detail. You can contact us for any questions.

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