Experıence NI AWR Desıgn Envıronment V13! - Aktif Neser
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Experıence NI AWR Desıgn Envıronment V13!

Experıence NI AWR Desıgn Envıronment V13!

What’s New?

V13 of NI AWR Design Environment is now available. V13 includes upgrades, updates and enhancements to Microwave OfficeAnalog OfficeVisual System Simulator™, AXIEM, and Analyst software products.

Key Aspects of V13

NI AWR Design Environment V13 specifically addresses design challenges associated with highly-integrated RF/microwave components commonly found in communications and radar systems. Emphasis in the V13 release was placed on several facets of the software’s end-user use model. These include the design environment – enhancements to the UI as well as new additions to design flow automation inclusive of synthesis, file format standards import/export and third-party links; simulation engines – harmonic balance, system-level and planar as well as arbitrary 3D EM solver improvements; physical design for streamlining PCB design across various vendor tools, and layout editing commands; and lastly user support that brings new facets to the software in terms of interactive guided help and knowledge base content.

V13 New and Enhanced Features at a Glance

Design Environment and Automation

  • Advanced multi-technology project support
  • ​New optimization methods
  • iFilter™ adds transmission zeros
  • OpenAccess schematic import/export
  • Graph marker improvements
  • Marching waveforms for HB/transient analysis
  • Additional synthesis wizards (passives and mixers)

Circuit/System Simulation and Models/Libraries

  • Transient and TAHB improvements
  • Expanded circuit envelope simulation
  • Passive model enhancements
  • Spectre netlist co-simulation
  • New 5G waveforms library
  • New system load pull (ACPR, EVM) and nested source/load pull
  • Enhanced LTE-A, radar, and phased array

EM Simulation and Modeling

  • Simulation speed and solver improvements (meshing, ports and matrix solve)
  • Improved AFS algorithms
  • Improved EM ports
  • Analyst surface roughness model
  • New 3D editor commands
  • Enhanced bi-directional links to HFSS, CST and Sonnet

Physical Design and Layout

  • PCB layout import (ODB++, IPC2851)
  • Expanded shape preprocessor modifier
  • Enhanced layout editing

User Support

  • New Guided Help (GH) interactive documentation
  • Enhanced online Knowledge Base (KB)

All current customers and evaluators are able to download this release. Get started by logging into our downloads site. If you are new to NI AWR software and want to evaluate/trial the software, click here to begin the registration process.

For pricing, licensing or any other V13 related question, kindly contact your local NI AWR software representative.