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EMC in Automotive – Simulation & Test Seminar!

EMC in Automotive – Simulation & Test Seminar!

We will be appreciated to see you in our seminar for automotive sector which has expert speakers about EMC simulation and tests.

Topic titles are given below:

  • Chambers for Components and Vehicles in General
  •  EDTC/Bluebox
  •  HV Test and Batteries Test
  • Absorbers Technology and Risk of Fire and Gases in Vehicles and Components Chambers
  • Interface between Vehicle Chamber and Building
  • Refurbishment of Old Vehicle Chambers

  •  Vehicle Components Test
  •  Vehicle Test

  •  Very-Near-Field Scanning Technology to Resolve Far-Field Electromagnetic Compliance Issues
  •  Very-Near-Field Scanning Technology to Deliver Fast Antenna Performance Characterization 

  •  Hot Vehicles need Schlegel’s Cool Thermal Materials

  •  EMC Simulation of a PCB Motor Control
  •  EMC / EMI of Hybrid Cables
  •  Simulation for Antenna Design and Placement in Vehicles
  •  Simulation of Wireless Power Transfer Systems for Electric Vehicle Charging

The language of the presentations will be in English.

Date: 09 May 2017

Location : Wellborn Luxury Hotel / Kocaeli

Contact us : ikbal@aktifneser.com.tr / +90 216 577 6 999