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CADENCE Allegro- Onlıne Semınars 4 May – 8 June 2021!

CADENCE Allegro- Onlıne Semınars 4 May – 8 June 2021!

CADENCE AWR – Çevrimiçi Seminerler 4 Mayıs – 8 Haziran 2021!


Türkiye temsilciliğini yaptığımız Cadence firmasının, PCB Tasarım Döngüsünün Kısaltılmasına yönelik ücretsiz olarak düzenleyeceği çevrimiçi seminerlerimizde sizi de aramızda görmekten mutluluk duyacağız.

Sunum dili İngilizce’dir. Çevrimiçi seminerlere buradan kayıt olabilirsiniz.

Reduce Time with PCB Productivity Toolbox:
4 Mayıs 2021 / 13:00 TSİ

Cadence’s Allegro PCB Productivity Toolbox is designed to streamline the most tedious tasks. It is integrated into the Editor Canvas, offering a range of powerful utilities that help in improving the design of complex PCBs.

Join us for the live webinar and learn from our expert:

  • Handling of Geometry using utilities during Pre & Post layout Stage
  • How to easily redefine geometries using library data
  • How to use Options to manage layout activities on complex board designs
  • How to reduce manufacturing cost through the handling and amending of the Final Deliverables.
  • Best practices on Extraction & analysis of assembly data and across Versions

How to Create Accurate ECAD Libraries from MCAD and Automate Them:
8 Haziran 2021 / 13:00 TSİ

Cadence® Allegro® ECAD-MCAD Library Creator empowers you to automate the creation of standards-compliant libraries, synchronize your ECAD and MCAD libraries, retarget your library to quickly generate variations to meet standards like flex, HDI, and alternate solder processes (reflow/wave), and auto-generate standards-compliant (IPC7251 and IPC7351), accurate footprints from 3D models or customized rules.

Join our live webinar to hear our experts illustrate and discuss:

  • Extermination of the traditional component creation methods
  • How quickly the MCAD data are converted to ECAD symbols with gold-standard accuracy
  • How easy it is to adjust rules and reform a single-source data library to meet the different assembly process
  • How the tools address the organization rules while constructing a library
  • How easy it is to add realistic and augmented information during library creation

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