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Kuruluş Yılı : 1994
Menşei: Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Çalışan Sayısı: 100+
Üretim Konusu: Elektronik Tasarım Otomasyonu Yazılımı
Web Sitesi:

MWO Microwave Office

RF and microwave design software for MMICs, RF PCBs and Modules. Microwave Office software offers complete RF/microwave design flow for PCB and IC level design including schematic capture, analysis/simulation, optimization and PCB/IC/module layout.

VSS Visual System Simulator

Wireless communications system design software. Visual System Simulator software enables electronic system-level simulation for RF and microwave design. It allows system architects to design the physical layer of aerospace, defence and wireless communications systems as well as custom algorithm development.

AO Analog Office

High-frequency design software for analog and RFIC design. Analog Office software includes schematic capture, simulation, optimization, IC layout and DRC/LVS. Wide range of PDKs from foundries like TSMC, Silanna, IBM, IHP, Jazz and austriamicrosystems are available.


Comprehensive 3D planar EM simulator for antenna and passive components design. AXIEM software is an industry first to deliver EM analysis as a true upfront design technology. Its speed, capacity and accuracy benefit designers most by helping to diagnose issues early, thereby significantly shortening the design process.


Harmonic Balance and Time Domain RF simulator.


Analyst™ is powerful 3D FEM EM simulation and analysis software that is seamlessly integrated within the NI AWR Design Environment™ so you can move from circuit concept to full 3D EM verification with a single mouse click.With 3D EM and circuit design in one integrated workflow, you can spend your valuable time designing, optimizing and tuning for performance.